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While it wasn't originally scripted, Valerie's introduction immediately answers the question about her being biracial.Sarpy said "We felt it was important to answer the question of Valerie's mixed ethnicity head on." During an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Sarpy revealed that she and Valerie actually have several similarities.She is very "sincere." On March 20, 2015, Tracy Quartermaine and Lulu Spencer-Falconeri are looking to find Pat Spencer, and instead find her daughter, Valerie.Lulu reveals that she the daughter of Pat's brother Luke and that they are cousins."It's been a terribly difficult year," the tech mogul told , adding, "I was hollow and broken." The exes have three high school and college aged kids.Johnson, 38, and Herjavec, 51, were cozy at the show's premiere party Monday night at Hyde Sunset Kitchen Cocktails.

However, Valerie claims her mother is dead and it is revealed that Valerie is being held hostage at gunpoint by Luke himself.

It is later revealed that Valerie told Lulu and Tracy that her mom was dead because she is trying to keep Luke away from her.

When Valerie doesn't change her story, Luke ties her up to keep her from escaping.

Because of this, Valerie possess a certain "maternal quality." Sarpy said her character's iconic heritage speaks for itself.

"Valerie is a Spencer through and through." She described Valerie as a "passionate" "go-getter" who "wears her heart on her sleeve." Valerie has "hero qualities" and is a "good girl." Valerie is a "fighter" Sarpy declared.

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